Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Ecclesine tie to win the award!

It was a fabulous night at the Biltmore Millenium for the 2009 Sciba Book Awards!

It was a fabulous night at the Biltmore Millenium for the 2009 Sciba Book Awards! It's not often the independent booksellers get together, but it's becoming all too important this day in age that we make room and stand against the proliferation of Corporate booksellers. Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble have all done their part in putting the independent bookselles out of business. It's a real shame to see the indie's go out of business, so this was a night where all of us could get together and voice our unity, and celebrate the best books of the year.

Many famous writers were on hand to celebrate the awards. T.C. Boyle, Ron Carlson, William Lobdell as were publishers from Random House, Penguin, Harper Collins and St. Martins.

All totaled 6 awards were given out to the best books of the year.

 - The winner of Best Non-Fiction book of the year went to Susan Campoy and Julie Campoy for       
    'Celebrating With Julienne'.

 - The Best Fiction book award went to Lisa See for 'Shanghai Girls'.

 - The Mystery Award went to Lisa Parker for 'The Grift'.

 - The Children's Picture Book went to David Shannon for 'Too Many Toys'.

 - The Children's Book Award went to the brilliant Michael Clark for 'Hunger'.

 - Lisa See took the award for Shanghai Girls (Fiction) and Susan Campoy took the Non-Fiction award
     for Celebrating with Julienne.

The final award of the evening culminated with the Art and Architecture book award. Nominated were Pulitzer Prize Winner Rick Rickman for his photography book 'The Wonder Years' , Annie Leibovitz, the most famous living commercial photographer for her photography book Annie Leibovitz at Work', and Patrick Ecclesine a 33 year old wonderkid Hollywood photographer and commercial photographer with his photography book Faces of Sunset Boulevard: A Portrait of Los Angeles.

The room of 400 people went nuts when a tie was announced between Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Ecclesine for best photography book of the year! Patrick Ecclesine is virtually unknown, but he's been shooting commercially for the film and television industry for some time, quietly working on his opus Faces of Sunset Boulevard: A Portrait of Los Angeles which was a five year undertaking. It's a beautiful book, an amalgamation of colorful interviews and electrifying portraits which explore the nature of reality and the clash between dreams and reality along the boulevard of broken dreams. Of course Annie Leibovitz is indisputably the reigning queen of American photographers and Annie Leibovitz at Work' was a very nice follow up to her book  A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005 which chronicled her very personal and dark relationship with Susan Sontag. 

All in all it was an incredibly inspiring evening, which ended with dancing and drinks. A very special night for all in attendance, and a incredibly important event for independent booksellers on the West Coast. Looking forward to next year!